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Know All About Dedicated Internet Bandwidth and Mix Internet Bandwidth

Dedicated Bandwidth Internet Leased Line (ILL) is a premium Internet connectivity service that offers dedicated, reliable, and secure bandwidth for businesses by Oasis.

Content Mix Bandwidth Internet Lease Line is a combination of internet lease line and content peering like Google, Facebook Hotstar, Netflix, Akamai etc.. and other Local ISP.

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Difference between Dedicated bandwidth Internet Lease Line provide by oasis and Content Mix Bandwidth Internet Lease Line provide by othe service provider:-

Dedicated Bandwidth

Dedicated bandwidth (1:1) ensures consistent and reliable performance across all locations, regardless of the distance or geographical location.

Used by businesses for critical operations such as VoIP (Voice over IP), video conferencing, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), cloud services, and hosting servers.

High level of security as they are dedicated connections that reduces the risk of unauthorized access, data interception, and other security threats.

They are highly scalable and connection remains unaffected by peak internet usage times.

low latency ensures smooth conversations without noticeable delays

Content Mix Bandwidth

Content mix Bandwidth usually 20% to 30 % worldwide internet bandwidth and 70% to 80% Peering Content.

Basically used by home Broadband customers those consume their maximum time for content operations such as OTT, gaming, Social Media, Browsing.

Peering relationships can introduce potential security risks, as networks are directly connected to each other. Networks must implement robust security measures to protect against threats like DDoS attacks, traffic hijacking, and unauthorized access.

As traffic volumes grow, networks may face scalability challenges with their ILL connections.

High latency can lead to delays in loading webpages, buffering videos, or other frustrating experiences.

Cost: Dedicated Bandwidth Leased lines generally come with a higher cost compared to regular content mix bandwidth Leased Lines due to the dedicated nature of the service.

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