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Know All About Dedicated Internet Bandwidth and Mix Internet Bandwidth

Dedicated Bandwidth Internet Leased Line (ILL) is a premium Internet connectivity service that offers dedicated, reliable, and secure bandwidth for businesses by Oasis.

Content Mix Bandwidth Internet Lease Line is a combination of internet lease line and content peering like Google, Facebook Hotstar, Netflix, Akamai etc.. and other Local ISP.

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Difference between Dedicated bandwidth Internet Lease Line provide by oasis and Content Mix Bandwidth Internet Lease Line provide by othe service provider:-

Dedicated Bandwidth

Dedicated bandwidth (1:1) ensures consistent and reliable performance across all locations, regardless of the distance or geographical location.

Used by businesses for critical operations such as VoIP (Voice over IP), video conferencing, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), cloud services, and hosting servers.

High level of security as they are dedicated connections that reduces the risk of unauthorized access, data interception, and other security threats.

They are highly scalable and connection remains unaffected by peak internet usage times.

low latency ensures smooth conversations without noticeable delays

Content Mix Bandwidth

Content mix Bandwidth usually 20% to 30 % worldwide internet bandwidth and 70% to 80% Peering Content.

Basically used by home Broadband customers those consume their maximum time for content operations such as OTT, gaming, Social Media, Browsing.

Peering relationships can introduce potential security risks, as networks are directly connected to each other. Networks must implement robust security measures to protect against threats like DDoS attacks, traffic hijacking, and unauthorized access.

As traffic volumes grow, networks may face scalability challenges with their ILL connections.

High latency can lead to delays in loading webpages, buffering videos, or other frustrating experiences.

Cost: Dedicated Bandwidth Leased lines generally come with a higher cost compared to regular content mix bandwidth Leased Lines due to the dedicated nature of the service.

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    Oasis Internet Leased Lines: A Business-Class Connection

      • Here are some of the common uses for internet leased lines:
      • Businesses that rely heavily on cloud-based applications or services
      • Companies that need to transfer large files regularly
      • Organizations that conduct video conferencing frequently
      • Businesses that require a highly secure and reliable internet connection

    Oasis Smart Network Services your trusted Leased Line Providers in Uttarakhand, India! We specialize in offering robust Leased Line solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. Whether you require a Business Leased Line, Dedicated Internet Line, or Ethernet Leased Line, we’ve got you covered. Experience the power and reliability of our Fiber Leased Line options, providing Symmetrical Bandwidth and High-Speed Leased Line connections to support your business operations. Our Managed Leased Line services ensure seamless connectivity with Secure Leased Line options to safeguard your data. We understand that every business is different, which is why we offer Leased Line Quotes and Leased Line Comparison to help you choose the best solution. With our Leased Line Cost transparency and Reliable Leased Line services, we ensure you get value for your investment. From Point-to-Point Leased Line to Multipoint Leased Line configurations, our solutions are Scalable Leased Line to grow with your business needs. Trust Oasis Smart for Leased Line Installation and Business Internet Lease services that drive your business forward.

      • Dedicated Speed: Unlike traditional broadband connections shared by multiple users in a neighborhood, a leased line provides a private, point-to-point connection exclusively for your business. This eliminates the issue of competing for bandwidth with neighbors during peak usage times. Imagine a dedicated highway lane for your business traffic, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted flow, regardless of how busy the internet becomes.
      • Symmetrical Speed Symphony: Unlike standard broadband with imbalanced upload and download speeds, leased lines boast symmetrical bandwidth. This means you get the same blazing-fast speed for uploading data as you do for downloading it. This is a game-changer for businesses that upload large files regularly, like production, Pharma, Ecommerce companies sending Data models. With a leased line, you won’t experience frustrating delays waiting for uploads to complete.
      • Rock-Solid Reliability: Traditional internet connections can be prone to outages and fluctuations, impacting your business operations. Leased lines, on the other hand, prioritize uptime. Oasis Internet service provider typically offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with leased lines, guaranteeing a minimum uptime percentage. This translates to a more reliable and predictable connection, minimizing disruptions and ensuring your business stays connected.
      • Enhanced Security: Because leased lines are private connections, your data travels on a dedicated path, reducing the risk of interception compared to shared connections. This heightened security is crucial for businesses handling sensitive information, such as financial data or customer records.
      • Scalability for Growth: As your business expands, your internet needs will evolve. Leased lines offer the advantage of scalability. Oasis allow you to upgrade your bandwidth as your requirements increase, ensuring your internet connection can keep pace with your growing business.
      • Beyond the Core: In addition to the core features, internet leased lines often come with additional benefits:
      • Faster Response Times: With dedicated bandwidth, leased lines experience lower latency, leading to quicker response times for applications and websites. This translates to a more efficient and responsive user experience for your customers and employees.

      • Improved Quality of Service (QoS): ISPs can prioritize specific types of traffic on leased lines, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted performance for critical business applications like video conferencing or VoIP calls.

      • Proactive Monitoring and Support: Oasis offering leased lines provide proactive monitoring and dedicated support, ensuring any issues are identified and resolved quickly, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

      • The Investment for Business Success: While internet leased lines offer unmatched performance and reliability, they typically come with a higher cost compared to traditional broadband plans. However, for businesses that require consistent, high-speed internet access. The improved efficiency, security, and productivity gained with a leased line can translate to significant cost savings and a competitive edge in the long run.

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      Internet Service

      Oasis Smart Network Services, a leading provider of advanced networking solutions in Uttarakhand, India. We specialize in Wireless Point-to-Point Connection services, delivering robust and secure networking solutions tailored to meet the demands of modern businesses. Our Wireless Point-to-Point Networking solutions offer seamless connectivity across various locations, ensuring reliable data transmission. With our Wireless Point-to-Point Link and Wireless Point-to-Point Radio options, we provide flexible and efficient connectivity solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced team excels in Wireless Point-to-Point Network Design, ensuring optimal performance and scalability for your network infrastructure. Whether you require high-speed Wireless Point-to-Point Bandwidth or are considering Wireless Point-to-Point vs. Multipoint configurations, our comprehensive range of Wireless Point-to-Point Solutions is designed to meet your networking requirements with precision and reliability. Trust Oasis Smart for professional and innovative wireless point-to-point networking solutions.

      Oasis Provide Point-to-Point Wireless Connectivity is an exceptional solution that offers a reliable direct wireless link between two locations without the need for physical cables, making it an incredibly powerful tool for establishing seamless communication. The enormous benefits of this technology are undoubtedly worth mentioning. Whether you’re a large corporation looking to stay connected with remote office locations or a small business owner seeking to expand your network, Oasis P2P wireless connectivity has got you covered. It allows for effortless transmission of data, voice, and video, making it an excellent option for high-speed internet connectivity and other internet-related applications. Let’s delve into the details and discover how this remarkable technology can significantly improve your business operations.

      • Point-to-Point Wireless creates a secure connection between two points, such as buildings or remote sites.
      • Wireless Connectivity: These bridges rely on wireless signals to transmit data. They operate in various frequency bands, such as 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, or even higher frequencies like 60 GHz.
      • The technology operates without the need for intermediary devices, directly linking the sender and receiver.
      • Speed: The speed rating of a wireless bridge determines its data transfer capabilities. Common speed ratings include 300 Mbps, 867 Mbps, and even higher values. Faster speeds allow for efficient data exchange between locations.

      Connecting Buildings: Point-to-point bridges are commonly used to connect buildings or structures that are physically separated but need to share network resources. This type of network connection has proven to be reliable and effective, providing seamless connectivity between buildings. Additionally, these bridges can be easily installed and configured, allowing for a fast and efficient network deployment.

      Remote Locations: They are useful for extending network coverage to remote areas where laying physical cables is impractical. With point-to-point bridges, businesses can extend their network reach to far off locations and connect their operations in real-time. This can be particularly helpful for companies that operate in rugged or hard-to-reach areas where traditional network connectivity is not feasible.

      Backhaul Links: In telecommunications, point-to-point bridges serve as backhaul links to connect cell towers or other network infrastructure. This means that point-to-point bridges are critical components in the overall network architecture, providing a seamless connection between various network elements. With the increasing demand for high-speed network services, point-to-point bridges are becoming more important than ever before.


      Product For Point to Point and Point to Multipoint are :-

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        Discover the Best BROADBAND Service Provider for HIGH SPEED BROADBAND and Reliable Connections


        Oasis Smart Network Services, your go-to Broadband Providers in Uttarakhand, India! We specialize in offering a wide range of broadband solutions tailored to meet your needs. Whether you’re in need of High-Speed Internet through Fiber Broadband, we’ve got the perfect fit for you. For those on the move, our Wireless Broadband options ensure you stay connected wherever you go. Looking for the best Broadband Deals or Broadband Plans? We offer competitive packages to suit every budget. Curious about your connection speed? Try our Broadband Speed Test to ensure you’re getting the performance you deserve. With our Broadband Comparison tools, finding the right plan is easier than ever. Enjoy Unlimited Broadband with our affordable Cheap Broadband options. As one of the Best Broadband Providers in the region, we cater to both Business Broadband and Home Broadband needs. With widespread Broadband Availability, exciting Broadband Offers, and versatile Broadband Packages, Oasis Smart is your one-stop-shop for all broadband services in Uttarakhand.

        Annual Broadband Plan


        Benifit of our internet service

        1. Gureented 99.99% Uptime 
        2. Dedicated Internet Speed
        3. Direct Internet Connection 
        4. No nay Content mixing
        5. Fastest Browsing Internet Speed
        6. Free Public IP on demand
        7. Unlimited Download and upload data
        8.  Fix wireless Internet Connection


        Rs. 699/month
        • Unlimited Data
        • Download Speed 35 Mbps
        • Wireless Connectivity
        • Zero Mantinance Charge
        • 24/7 support


        Rs. 1199/month
        • Unlimited Data
        • Download Speed 50 Mbps
        • Wireless Connectivity
        • Zero Mantinance Charge
        • 24/7 support


        Rs. 2199/month
        • Unlimited Data
        • Download Speed 100 Mbps
        • Wireless Connectivity
        • Zero Mantinance Charge
        • 24/7 support