Terms and Conditions

1. Bandwidth Distribution:

Oasis Smart Connect Will configure the link / Bandwidth on Router to distribute on LAN. The router will be provided by Oasis Smart Connect or Customer.

2. Warranty / Support:

a) 24 x 7 support would be provided by Oasis Smart Connect. any issues like downtime, technical issue at back end should be resolved within 2 hours after call booking. If there is any major problem like cable cut etc. will be resolved in 24 hrs.

b) All technical instruments required installed by Oasis Smart Connect . OFC cable remain the property of Oasis Smart Connect. If any damage of OFC cable and other technical hardware instruments would be maintained and replaced by Oasis Smart Connect. At their cost, Coco-cola Beverages will not bear any cost.

3. Quality Inspection:

Oasis Smart Connect shall test the internet services on regular basis.

4. Additional Terms & Conditions:

a). All required installation, Cabling, legal formalities if any will be done by Oasis Smart Connect. At their cost & time.

b). Router installed at site will be maintained by Oasis Smart Connect.

c). Oasis Smart Connect. Will arrange all necessary infrastructure and support required for commissioning / installed of customer premises equipment.

d). Phone call complaint facility will be provided by Oasis Smart Connect.

5. Payment :

a). One time installation charges and hardware equipment cost 100% advance against order.

b). Monthly rental plan will be paid in advance.


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